Summer 2k17: Marriage and Memoir

I told myself that once I finish this blog post (signifying the true end of my semester) I can order the books that are serving as my preliminary work on my memoir.

Yup, that’s right, my memoir.

I’ve decided that this summer is the summer. It also helps that I’m doing this as part of a class so I’m kind of required to do it. (I could pick anything to write, but I really want to write a memoir…so ya know.)

Most people who I’ve told about this project respond with, “you’re a little young for that aren’t you?” Also, I’m not a famous person. With the implied “who wants to read about you anyway?”

And to be honest, I have no idea who will want to read it. In one sense, I don’t really care. I want to write it because I feel like I need to and I’m in a good position to do so. This summer I am experiencing a huge change in my life (marrying my best friend) so it’s a good point at which to reflect on my last 21 single years.

I’ve had a title for this memoir for a number of years now, and I’m excited to finally write it. I even started a chapter outline last fall! Yay!

The title of my memoir is going to be How a Dog Ruined My Relationship and Other Bad Things that Happened. The memoir is going to mostly focus on my sophomore year of high school through the end of my junior year of college.

The point of doing this is, as one friend said, “an anti-Facebook book.” That means that it’s going to not just focus on the good points of my life. I have been through a lot of crappy internal things that have shoved me perilously close to making some very poor decision in my life. But most people don’t even know that because I appear to have it altogether over here—Christian school graduate, Christian college student, goes to church on Sunday, grew up in a Christian home. All of it. I have had the upbringing that should ensure success in all things, and in some ways it has prepared me for that, but it also works to silence the struggles. As someone who is looked up to as being a strong Christian, the temptation to hide your biggest struggles is very real. But I’m really tired of that. I think there is solidarity and so much growth to be had if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable about our imperfections.

And that’s basically what I’m hoping to do with my memoir. No, it’s not going to be depressing or filled with car accidents, deaths, and so on. For real, my life has gone pretty much perfectly from the outside. And most people who know me will probably be surprised. But I think it’s time to be honest.

I’m excited to begin. (:


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